Age Concern activities at Railway Institute Cancelled until further notice

A few of our members, are vulnerable and any exposure and close contact would be unsafe not only for themselves, but the rest of the membership. As predicted the virus is about to hit the final stages, and to  continue with our activities could pose a risk.

I have decided to close all activities from Monday 16th March to Friday 3rd April at the Railway institute. A review will take place by Age Concern Team on Monday 30th March, either to extend or re open if the containment and control has been declared.

Age Concern Team and yourselves are aware our members gather at our centre to socialise, enjoy great friendship and take part in the healthy activities provided. 

During the three week closure, loneliness might creep in to a few and with that in mind Age Concern Team will operating a Telephone Support Service. This will be from Monday to Thursday between the hours of 9.30 am to 1.00 pm. Members who need the service need to contact Age Concern in the first instance on 02380270265 

This will be similar to the visiting service designed to provide friendship to the older person who might occasionally appreciate a friendly conversation over the phone. A very limited shopping service for household essentials may be available provided there is no face to face contact. There will be no home visits till the nation has declared that the pandemic is over.

Our decision is based on the spirit of self isolation and social distancing for vulnerable  persons

Devan Kandiah

Age Concern